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Photographing a Cremonese luthier



8th January 2021

Below are some images taken at a Cremonese violin-making workshop. This photographic reportage aims to highlight how skilled craftsmen's hands can create musical instruments such as violins. These instruments are famous for their venustious shape, their warm and vibrant sound, melodic and virtuosic par excellence. These stringed instruments are made by shaping, carving, gluing and varnishing. Standards, custom, tradition, passion, skilled hands and a touch of originality from the craftsman are the strategies that make each object unique. You can experience intense and pleasant emotions that the master luthier conveys while you see him at work. One experiences the desire to build, even satisfaction. The greatest emotion is to hear the newborn 'musical voice', the first wails of the newly made instrument, it is celebration. The gracefulness of the player's movements, elegance, virtuoso movements.

The noble art of making violins

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