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It is not the when that matters, but the how.


24th February 2021

The need to define time has always been present in human beings. Initially it was studied on the basis of the alternation between day and night, between hot and cold periods, according to the agricultural needs that were fundamental for the survival of civilisation. Subsequently, it began to have a more and more defined scansion. The calendar was born, the year was divided into seasons, days into hours, hours into minutes and so on...

Χρονος (Kronos) e καιρός (Kairòs)

It is true that time can be subdivided scientifically, but it can also take on a subjective meaning. The ancient Greeks arrived at this countless centuries ago and gave time two identities, Kronos and Kairòs. Kronos denoted a technical view of time, which is precisely why the "time measurer" usually used is called a chronometer. Kairòs, on the other hand, represented the human perception of time given by the sensations experienced.

Time and Life

We often think about the things that could happen during a lifetime, but it never seems to be enough if we do not pay attention to one of the main obstacles of time, the exaggeration of rest.
The bed can become a real "Time Lock" that precludes the possibility of living, turning into an accommodating prison. It is the place where dreams are born, but where they cannot be realised. During the first lockdown, the bed was a common constant that contributed to the feeling of suspension of time. It is paradoxical to think of how one went from a hectic life, to a life segregated within the walls of the home. Cognition of life has changed dramatically in the last year. Priorities that were previously taken for granted have suddenly become fundamental. The monotony of the days has become a major stumbling block to be knocked down as it provoked a sense of endlessness that implicitly aroused anxiety and frustration. Regaining temporal balance has been one of the most difficult tasks facing humanity.


The analysis of time is a determining factor in Surrealism, serving as a leitmotif in numerous works belonging to this current.
Salvador Dalí painted a painting in which he makes time the protagonist, "The Persistence of Memory". In this work, the liquidity of time emerges and is represented by clocks with a fluid form, indicating its relativity.
Another important figure on the surrealist scene is a well-known director from the history of Spanish cinema, Luis Buñuel.
Through his masterly control of time, he manages to arouse the viewer's interest. For example, in "le charme discret de la bourgeoisie", actions are repeated cyclically, with the addition of variants specially structured to create the necessary tension.


To reflect on the perception of time, I quote one of the masterpieces of the Italian music scene par excellence, 'C'è Tempo'
They say there is a time to sow

And one that you feel like waiting for

A dreamed time that comes at night

And another one during the day
Like a flax to wave

There is a denied time and a secret one

A distant time that belongs to others

A time that it was better to leave
And the time when we two had better

talk to each other

There is a perfect time to be silent
To watch the passage of the summer sun
And to know how to tell our children when
It's mute fairy time
There's a day that we got lost

Like losing a ring in a meadow
And there was a whole future plan

That we didn't fulfill

Time is slipping away, never fear
It'll catch up with us sooner or later
Because there is time, there is time, there is time
For this endless sea of people
God is just,
taken from the album Lampo Viaggiatore by a great songwriter and poet, Ivano Fossati.
With this lyric Fossati makes a profound analysis of time understood as Kairos and the relationship that man has with it.

"It's time that escapes, don't worry that sooner or later it will catch up with us Because there's time, there's time, there's time For this endless sea of people"

I dwell on this last verse because I find it important to underline the message of hope and encouragement that Fossati gives to all those people who are afraid of not being able to enjoy their time to the full. The obsession with time mainly arises for those who are afraid of never doing enough, for those who feel judged and for those who judge others, without considering the battles that are faced every day to try to live time for better or for worse. We are masters of our time and it is important to make the most of it to win our wars.

"We are masters of our time and it is important to make the most of it to win our wars."
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